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 I was once the abandoned Shuppet doll that people would pass by and not have their eyes set on. They did not want a creepy, blank faced doll like me. I was sealed shut in this invisible room of silence, as no one noticed my bottled up frustration and my dark despair towards the whole world.

 I remembered it as a spring afternoon in Virbank City. I would recall it as a busy yet energetic day due to the incoming customers coming into the store. Various chatter and other joyful noises filled the Pokémon Department Store in an endless cycle. I glanced at the bright sun that shone its rays through the windows. Since I was in an immobile state, I could observe every detail around me as if I had many invisible eyes, which was very special.

 The only time where I would be happy was when various, smiling customers would race into the store with their legs moving. The customers would snatch their desired goods in a heartbeat and call this store the best one there was in many years.

 But, I remembered that one day, on the 12th of June. That day was my breaking point. I recalled one small boy meandering into the store with a curious look on his face. One female worker lifted her blue apron down and walked towards the boy. She kneeled down and rubbed his bushy brown hair, smiling with her brown eyes gazing at his bright smile.

  "Hey, little guy," she greeted happily, "is there anything you want to buy here?"

  All of a sudden, the door flung open, slamming the wall. Some of the novelties clattered nonchalantly. All of us focused our attention at the door. The person who walked into the store seemed to be the mother. She breathed heavily, holding the door with her sweaty right hand. Her ghastly gasping made us feel slightly disrupted.

  "Mama! I want that doll! That doll!" the boy pleaded, pointing his pudgy finger at me. He sprung on the ground excitedly.

  The mother's hair jumped up alertness as she hesitantly said, "Okay. Okay. Let's try to buy it, okay?" She put her hand on her boy's shoulder, calming him down.

  The boy joyously skipped along the blue tiles of the floor and reached towards me. When I saw his curious look, I became very excited; to finally leave this store where no one wanted to claim me as if I were a ghost. I watched him put his face closer at my blank face. As he moved back nervously, he quickly made a discouraged look on his face. Tears rushed down from his face and dripped on the floor. Soon enough, his face turned into a bright shade of red; green disgust began rushing down from his nose, making me feel uncomfortable.

  "Mama, I want the other one! Mama!" the boy whined loudly, jumping on the floor. His mother dashed towards her unsettled child and pat his back gently, massaging his pain.

  "There, there," she said, then she looked at the other doll next to me, "let's get you the other big Minccino Doll, okay?" Once I heard that, that made me feel really agitated, with her words reverberating in my mind, seeing her walking away with her elated child with that doll a few minutes later. I hated that doll with an excruciating passion. Everyone would ignore me like I did not exist. These morons wanted to take that one since it looked "infatuating and so... gleaming". Its gleaming, bug shaped eyes would make a nauseous feeling and an intense, sharp pain inside myself that made me want to regurgitate out my cotton. Its creepy smile really made me get an intriguing thought about why these idiot customers would buy it anyways. Even with its light fur that made it over the top along with its shiny looking appeal.

  I would always get ignored by those inconsiderate customers. That was the one thing that made my mind like scattered puzzle pieces. Every time, I would lay my yellow eyes on them, seeing them obsessively grabbing and purchasing those other dolls. It would irk me when I would hear them call them call them "cute", "adorable", or "cozy". Those words would create a furious, rumbling thundercloud that rained on my self-esteem contained inside of my head.

  I would recall being in that store alone for lonely, tedious weeks. It felt like if a year had gone by and nothing had changed. Some of the workers would walk towards me and stab me with their worried faces, wondering why I was not purchased yet. Then all of a sudden, they would just leave to their working stations, with their anxiety on their faces dissipating. They made me feel like I should not exist.

  No one wanted me to be a part of their nurturing, caring and friendly families. No one cared about me and how I was always ignored by many people I wanted to be with. No one understood by how I was really at the verge of not wanting to not exist in this foolish, insipid filled world any longer.

  But, one loud morning, I heard a loud shriek coming out of the door. I woke up, feeling easily intimidated by that sudden outburst.

  "Mom! I want that Shuppet Doll!" a squealing voice echoed out of the door. I gazed at the door; I felt tempted to figure out who was behind it. Then as it slowly opened, there entered one curious little girl, with her skin pale like snow with bright blushes on her cheeks. Her adoring appearance lit up the whole store, but, not me, as I felt a void inhabiting my mind and body. I glanced at her excited smile along with her big orange eyes under her blue hair.

  Suddenly, her mother came bolting into the store. She stopped at the door, roughly blowing out hot puffs of air.

  "Lucy," her mother said with a weak tone in her voice, "please don't run like you always do. You know I care about your safety since after your dad and I... separated. I don't want you to get lost like before." Lucy dashed towards me with her curious gaze.

  After they bought me, they happily exited that lonely prison that I was locked in for so long. As I looked up at the cloudy sky, I finally saw what would normally go on outside. I glanced at various flying Pokemon like Starly and Yanma flying gracefully across the sky, chanting happily. The clouds flew past the sun, making it shine its warm light all over the happy town. I glanced down at various kids running around the city. They giggled as they chased each other with their arms reaching towards them.

  This, along with my freedom from the long, tedious years of staying in that lonely prison made me lose this painful feeling that was held within me for years, I lost the obligation to stay in that store. When Lucy walked home, I saw their amazing house that stood before me. Big, colored in such sky blue with its door, windows and roof painted in white.

  As Lucy grabbed me, she looked down at me with a smile. "Looks like we are going to be together, right, Bonnie?"

  I had been given a name, Bonnie. At first, it sounded a bit stupid, but, I became more satisfied after thinking about it. As we entered into the family house, I gained this warm, satisfied feeling filling in my dark void. I realized that from entering their house, my life would be changed forever.

  I recalled us being in Lucy's light pink colored room. I glanced up at bright pink stripes running through the wallpaper. Then I glanced down at Lucy seeing a picture of a young man grabbing a young girl identical to her. Every time she would glance at that picture, tears would run down from her face. Lucy put her head onto the pillow. She dug her fingers into her bedsheets, crying out, "Chris! I want you back! I want you to be by my side again! Why did you have to go?" Lucy began sobbing for a few minutes, and she got back up, wiping her watery eyes. She glanced at her tears that had deeply seeped into her big pillow, leaving a big star shaped mark.

   I recalled the next day, where Lucy lay my body on her fluffy bed. She would make soothing hums that filled her quiet room. Later, as she groomed me with her tickling blue comb on her small dressing table, I began feeling this joyous sensation rubbing on me.

  Lucy would take me to her happy flower garden. As I looked at the flowers' greeting gestures while they danced around, I felt like I entered in this paradise. Lucy lay me beside me on her lap and plucked out two flowers. As she sniffed both of them, the sweet smell that entered her nose made her be in a daze for a few minutes, worrying me. Her body did not move, as the flowers she held in her hands dropped. She shook her head while she leaned up from the long grass.

 "Oh, where are those flowers I got?" she mumbled. As she tried glancing at her surroundings cautiously, she spotted two of the flowers laying on the grass. She grasped me suddenly with her right hand and tried knitting my body with one of the flower. I did not get to understand what she wanted to do, until she raced back into her room.

  She put me in front of her small mirror. As I glanced at my blank face and Lucy's smile in the reflection, it made me quite pleased by this. I looked at the yellow flower that was knit on top of my dainty head.

  At first, I used to think of Lucy as a little pest that would make loud cheers disrupting my center of thought, over time, I slowly began to lose my irritation of her and find her as a generous person. It was like if she made me lose my frustration towards people since she took me to her house and accepted me like I was a member of her family, one that I would been longing for.

  But, I recalled Lucy taking me to her school in Castelia City. I would have this depressing feeling in my stomach whenever Lucy would walk past these bystanders while walking through the dark hallways. I would hear devious whispers through the halls. I had a feeling it came from the bystanders that Lucy walked past. I kept seeing them smile happily and point their fingers at her, snickering. They would call Lucy a "blue haired witch", or "pig-tail". They would even call her a Feebas by her unusually orange colored eyes and pale skin that stood out from the other students of the school.

  Lucy's mother had that same skin complexion as her, so I could not blame Lucy. But, I would see tears of Lucy's sadness rain down from her watery eyes. They would hit me gently and move down from my head as I began to feel the depression of her's. I would see her wipe her eyes, sniffling, isolating herself from others.

 I gained an abundance of sympathy for Lucy. Her cousin who she had been close to died, her father broke ties with his family with having no care for his only daughter, and no one understood the pain Lucy had. I guess I was not the only outcast when I thought of what she would do. Even in class, no words would come out of Lucy's mouth and she would have that blank, depressive gaze.

  Even at Recess, I recalled Lucy standing in the middle of the giant playground, holding my head. She had this intense glare on her face as she started at the ground, not saying a word.

 I noticed Lucy's three friends walking towards us, having a worried look in their faces. As they reached us, one asked, "Hey, Lucy. S-sorry to bother you, but, do you want to hang out with us?" one of her friends asked, with her voice trembling. Lucy looked up with an intense smirk of despair, tightening her fist. The friends backed away suddenly as they gasped. They dashed away from Lucy, looking away from her.

 She grabbed my tender body. I felt this suffocating pain that she kept inflicting me with. "Why is it that people are so mean??? I hate it! I wish that they would just get out of my life!!!" she screeched as she looked up. Her voice caused loud echoes to reverberate around the big playground, causing flocks of squawking Pidove fly away from trees. She rushed away as she kicked a rock. It flew way up into the air and smashed a window of a nearby house, causing a loud shatter that made me want to shiver.

 She drifted off to one of the empty swings and sat on them. She rubbed the soft textures of the swing, laying her soulless eyes on them as she secured me with her other arm. As she began rocking the swing slowly, two girls walked towards us with a cocky look on their faces.

 The girls cackled with their hands crossed. As Lucy looked up at their direction, she released her grip, letting me fall down on to the sand. Lucy did not utter anything as her entire body started trembling.

  "Hey, pigtail!" hollered the girl in the blue shirt as she giggled. Lucy quickly got up from the swing as she loudly stomped the ground that caused her long hair to sway around. The girls and I were intrigued by her sudden reaction.

 "Steph, how about you stop messing with me! Really!" Lucy screeched in anger, grabbing me and securing me with her hands. "You'll never take Bonnie away from me, you jerk!" She lashed out her right arm towards them forcefully.

  I glanced at Lucy's serious demeanor and tightened fist. This was one of the first times that she would defend herself. I knew from seeing happened, she had this pain in her stomach, I knew she felt hesitant to protect herself from them.

  Steph made a serious grin on her face as she said, "Oh, you think that you're so tough? Huh, pigtail!? You're such a small little twig."

  Lucy tightened her fist, gritting her teeth. "Look, I'm Lucy! And no one would like it if you'd lose someone important from you!"

   The other girl who wore the black sweater crossed her arms as she put her dark booted leg in front of her. "Oh, you're just sad about your cousin who died in the fire. You would go, 'Boo hoo! Waaaa! I want my cousin to come back!' You'd always go to him for help or whatever ridiculous stuff you want to tell him, but, he's gone actually gone! Gone, I tell you! He doesn't want a ten year old girl like you to hang out with a fifteen year old like him. Get over it and hang out with other losers like you," the girl said as she cackled evilly, giving her friend a high five.

  Suddenly, I felt her tears rain down on me once again, making me feel the massive amount of pain from Lucy. I did not want her to cry by this since she would always in pain when she would get to school. She sniffled loudly while she wiped her tears with her arm.

  Lucy looked up at them and yelled, "Leave my cousin out of this! I won't let you take the only friend I have!" She turned away from them as her tears flew out of her eyes. She secured me even tighter in her stomach while she grinned with her orange eyes glaring at their smug faces.

 The girls chuckled as they showed their amusement in their eyes. Suddenly, Steph dashed towards Lucy and grabbed her waist in check by her arm. "How about it now, pigtail!? You talk too much, you know that?" Steph grunted as she glared at Lucy's troubled face. Then she shoved Lucy into the sandy ground. Lucy bounced from the ground and let out a loud shriek, not even making the girls become worried about her.

   I mused, What kind of girls would do this thing to such an innocent girl? Lucy is sort of troubled, but, that did not mean they have to harass her when she did anything to them! I gained this painful feeling in her stomach, so I tried pushing all of my energy out. But, none of it seeped out.

  I felt extremely useless to help Lucy from these jerks, while seeing them bully her. I would hear her painful screeches for help while she put her arm in front of her. I saw Lucy moving her legs forward, laying on her stomach, trembling to get upon her feet while Steph grabbed her waist. Suddenly, the girl grabbed me from the ground and started twisting my lower body. I could feel this painful feeling each up from my legs to my stomach, which felt unbearable for me to get out of. "Why don't we tear this worthless doll to pieces!?" the girl demanded, grinning.

 "Please!!! Stop this!!! Don't rip off Bonnie's head!!! I want her back!!!" Lucy painfully shrilled, reaching her arm towards me, sobbing. As she tried to slip out of Steph's arm, she cringed while seeing what happened to me. As I was being twisted forcefully, I heard a few rippling noises popping from inside of my body.

   "Let go of me! I said, let go!" She tried grabbing Steph's hand off of her skirt, but, she refused to not latch off of her clothing. I knew I was pretty useless for Lucy. I knew I was just a doll that only did nothing but just stay still. But, I knew I had potential. I wanted to defend Lucy for the cost of my life. I wanted to be tough. And I wanted to be strong!

   Suddenly, a dark energy poured out of me. I felt this odd, rushing power inside of my stomach, like I was becoming more alive. The girls lost their attention at Lucy and stared at me with an intrigued look in their eyes. Suddenly, my energy came out as a dark colored tempest. Lucy got up and gasped by looking at my energy growing quickly. Then, I blasted out my inner power towards those two girls. Sand clouds started whipping up violently with the blast as the girls, including Lucy, fell down by its strong power hitting them.

  As the sand clouds settled, those two girls got up as they shivered, having a confused look on their faces. They glared at me with intimidated looks on their faces. "Wha- What is that..." the girl uttered out, shrugging with her left eye closed. Steph coughed and said, "I... I don't know. Let's get of here! Go! Run!" They got up quickly and dashed away from us in such a hurry, hollering in fear. I saw one of the girls fall down and get up.

   Lucy cringed while she stared at me with her legs coming close to each other, even her arms. She could not speak. She whimpered and shook in fear, not even moving her body. But, she burst into tears as she loudly sniffled, seeing me protecting her. Then she quickly ran towards me and tightly hugged me as I felt her warm body rubbing mine's.

  "Bonnie! I'm glad you're alive! You aren't a regular doll! I'm so happy that I could squeeze you!" Lucy replied joyously. She invited me to her chest with her two arms, squeezing me tightly. I felt happy to see her feeling happy of me saving her.

  Over the following year, Lucy began to walk away from the invisible cloud that rained on her empty shell. She would bounce out of her bed, feeling confident of her new day. She would take me to her friends' houses and laughed when she enjoyed hanging with them. They would always be by her side. Lucy and her friends would go to the Ferris Wheel and the amusement park in Nimbasa City. They tended to eat with each other as they just laugh in the restaurants of the city.

  The month before she left for her journey, I remembered her kneeling on the floor of her room, placing me beside her door. Lucy said nothing and walked downstairs. It made me wonder what went on. I was glad she felt happy and excited, but, she slowly drifted her attention away from me over the year. I overheard words passing by in the living room.

  I heard soft, concerned whispers such as, "we're going on a journey tomorrow", "our starter pokémon", and "i don't know about this" that came from Lucy that initially grabbed my attention. I tried to focus what they were trying to say in the living room...

  "Come on, Lucy. You cannot stay with that... cursed doll that almost demolished our old school before. It gave me the chills when I saw you holding it during the time that happened," said Becky, one of Lucy's great companions who shivered when thinking of me.

  "Lucy, I agree with Becky. You're about to turn twelve and that you can't hang out with that worn up doll that you been with for almost four years," another one of Lucy's friends said in such a serious tone.

  Lucy looked down with a troubled expression. "I don't know. I mean like that doll is just cursed anyways despite the fact that it has been with me. I... I'll think of this..." she whispered, having her voice trail off. Lucy glanced up at the door and saw me.

  I became very surprised. I mused, I'm just a mute doll that would just do nothing but sit there. Not an animal, nor a human, nor a Pokémon. Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I born like this? And how am I just a living doll with no voice?

  I remembered the month flying by. It was the day. Lucy packed all of her clothes and stuff them inside of her bag. I remembered watching her packing up near her window. She wore a black beret that was on her long, dazzling blue hair, with a black colored skirt and boots being under her long purple striped blue sweater.

  She put me by the window and ran downstairs without saying anything. I watched her walk out of the door, walking slowly. Then she stopped on her legs and turned towards the house. I sat beside the window in her room, looking at her just standing there.

  Lucy cried, "I'm glad you were with me for a long time in the early parts of my life. Because of you... You granted me light into my heart. But, I got one thing to say, I cannot be with you no longer..." She turned around and dashed from the door, then stopped.

  When she turned around stared up at the window, she continued walking forward. I saw her getting far away from me, as if she did not want to be around me anymore. I felt this urge in my mind; I wanted to be with her for a long time, and I did not want to be alone. I wanted to be by her side, not pushed aside like I am just worthless trash. Suddenly, I felt a burst of white energy shrouding my body.

  I began to feel the inscribed mouth that was knitted on my body rip open, where I no longer remain a mute state for eternity. I began to feel real eyes growing from my body as the wide vision that I once had faded away and got transferred to my eyes. I finally had a real body now.

  "What?" I questioned, glancing at the dark, transparent ends of my body. I began to feel disoriented by what I just said. Was this for real? I finally got a real body like everyone else. I was no longer a worthless doll that could not do anything. I became a Pokémon, one that could fully express their emotions and be like anyone else.

  I realized I had to be with her and to be worthy to her forever in her heart. I still felt this empty void in my heart which I knew it would be filled in by doing one thing. I phased from the house, slipping through the solid walls, not even feeling them touch my body. As I reached towards her, I saw her walking away from her home by herself, humming peacefully.

   "Shuppet!!!" I screeched, trying to get Lucy's attention. Suddenly, she stopped on her two legs. Her hair swayed as she turned around, saying "Huh?" All of a sudden, she smiled with such happiness growing on her face, realizing I was no longer a doll anymore.

   "Come here, Bonnie!" she happily yelled as she reached out her hands. I began to feel this happy feeling my heart when I heard her deep yearn for me. When I finally landed on her hands, I felt her snuggling warmth of her soft palms. I snuggled my face on her soft hands. Finally, me and her were one as a whole. The pieces that had been scattered around my life had been recollected into one single shard of happiness.
EDIT May 30th, 31st, June 1st, 2nd, 5th, 22nd, 28th, July 8th, 16th, August 4th, 5th, 13th, December 7th, February 17th, and December 24th: Made cover page with Photoshop CS6! It was sort of fun to do. And fixed some punctuation problems, spelling issues, tense issues, and spacing problems I did when typing this on mobile, and fixed some of the sentences, including changing some sentences with the word "was" made the ellipses (...) less smaller, and also fixed the comma splices. Also revamped a few sentences, especially when Lucy's mom mentions the divorce. Also removed the apostrophes in some of the words (minus the dialogue) so the story would flow better. And, it's three years since I finally finished this story ^^

This is an edited version of my old story that I posted on a Friday in 2012... I tried fixing errors and revamping the sentences. It shows that even those who are lonely can overcome it with accepting people.

Here's the old story:…
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